Steering Wheel Alignment & Suspension System

Steering Wheel Alignment & Suspension System

Steering and Suspension System

Steering Wheel Alignment & Suspension System

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension system helps ensure that you’re able to control the car while on the road, and that your ride is comfortable. In order to achieve those goals, the system relies on a wide range of components, many of which are responsible for more than one duty. Over time and through normal use, your steering wheel alignment and suspension system can degrade. This can result in reduced performance, premature tire wear, an uncomfortable ride, and other problems.

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What Are the Parts of the Steering and Suspension System?

You’ll find that the components in your car’s steering and suspension system vary depending on the type of system in general (power steering or rack and pinion, for instance). For the average vehicle, it might include the following:

  • Steering column
  • Steering rack
  • Power steering pump and hoses
  • Tie rods and tie rod ends
  • Wheel hubs
  • Struts and shocks
  • Strut assembly
  • Springs

All of these components work together to ensure that you can steer your car, and that your ride quality is good. 

What Problems Can Occur with the Steering and Suspension System?

A wide range of potential problems could occur with your steering and suspension system, including:

  • Misalignment through normal driving, hitting potholes and curbs
  • Damage to the power steering rack
  • Damage to the power steering pump (power steering pump failure)
  • Leaks from power steering hoses
  • Damaged or failed wheel bearings
  • Blown/failed shocks or struts

These are just some of the potential issues that you could face with your steering and suspension system. The most common issue is a lack of proper steering wheel alignment, which leads to premature, incorrect tire wear and can affect your handling on the road. If the situation has extended to tires, get your vehicle back on track with our tire alignment services.

Should I Drive If I Suspect a Steering and Suspension System Problem?

The answer to this question is “it depends”. If you do not feel comfortable driving the vehicle, our recommendation is to have it towed to our shop for an inspection and repairs for steering wheel alignment and/or suspension system.

When Should I Have My Steering and Suspension System Serviced?

Ideally, you will have your vehicle’s steering wheel alignment checked once per year to ensure that misalignment does not lead to premature tire wear. During this time, and during regular maintenance and services, a trusted mechanic should inspect the components of your steering and suspension system, including the power steering rack, the power steering pump and fluid level, the condition of your shocks/struts, the condition of the tie rod bushings, and more.

More about Steering and Suspension System Maintenance and Service

Your steering and suspension system is vital to your safety, as well as the performance of your vehicle. If it has been some time since your system was inspected, we invite you to get in touch with us to schedule an appointment. One of our expert technicians will fully inspect your steering and suspension system, advise you on any needed maintenance or repairs necessary, and then ensure that you are able to get back on the road once more. 

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