Cabin Air Filtration

Cabin Air Filtration

Auto Repair Cabin Air Filter

Cabin Air Filtration

Nearly everyone enjoys stepping outside and getting a breath of fresh air. Well, you don’t differ from your vehicle in that respect, as the engine in your car also needs fresh air to work the way it is supposed to. An engine air filter will assist with ensuring optimal engine performance and fuel combustion. The cabin air filter, on the other hand, keeps the air at a high-quality for you and anyone else in your vehicle. 

We’ll look at the filters in your car and what you can do to ensure the cabin air filter does its job.

What Types of Filters Need to be Replaced?

The filters in your vehicle are there to ensure that dirt and other contaminants don’t make their way into the air conditioning system, fuel system, or engine. Every filter that is inside your vehicle needs to be as clean as possible to do the job it is made to do. If your filters are becoming clogged or distinctly dirty, this can lead to issues with your vehicle’s performance.

The cabin air filters in the car are made specially to keep drivers and their passengers safe from things like smoke, pollen, smog, danger, fungus, mildew, dust, mold spores, allergens, and other contaminants while in the vehicle. Something a lot of people don’t think about is the need for replacement with these filters. This is something that is important to ensure the air in the vehicle is fresh and clean. It is suggested that you have the air filter inspected at least once a year or about every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. 

In addition to cabin air filters, the engine air filter is another essential item to keep up with. This filter is similar to the cabin air filter, except that it keeps contaminants from getting into the engine of your car. Once contaminants are introduced, they can cause problems with your engine and its performance. In most cases, your auto shop will check the air filter each time you get an oil change and replace it if it needs it. However, it’s always good to make sure, as it’s an integral part of the vehicle.

Another filter is located outside of the gas tank. This is called a fuel filter, and it works to keep contaminants out of the engine, as well. This filter is a little different because if it becomes dirty or holds debris, it can allow that into the gasoline. That can lead to poor gas mileage, as well as bad performance. It’s not uncommon for a fuel filter to get clogged, so you should make sure that it is inspected and replaced as needed. 

Finally, there is also a filter known as the transmission filter, and it helps to keep your transmission running smoothly. If this filter is dirty, it can stop the flow of transmission fluid which can lead to more severe transmission issues. It is best to replace this as often as your car manual suggests. In most cases, an auto shop like Kwik Kar can replace this as needed and will also do a fluid replacement at the same time.

How Is a Cabin Air Filter Replaced?

When you bring in the car to have a filter changed, the technician at your auto shop will do a visual inspection to be sure that it is needed. If it appears that a new filter will help, they will go ahead and switch it out for you. How often you should change out the cabin filter depends on what sort of driving habits you have. For instance, if you spend a lot of time on dirt roads, it’s likely you’ll need a replacement more often than someone who drives solely in the city. 

Your technician will be able to see if the filter is clogged and determine if it needs changing, even if you don’t know when the last replacement was. It is a good idea to read your vehicle manual to see what the manufacturer recommends. 

Where Can I Find the Cabin Air Filter?

In a lot of vehicles, the cabin air filter will be located under the hood or dashboard, or it may be found behind the glove compartment. Once you locate the air filter, you can often see if it will need replacing. Even if you can’t, there are signs you can look for. If you notice there is a lack of airflow when heat or air conditioning is running, this might be due to a dirty filter. It also may be the cause of any strange, bad odors that you smell when you’re driving. It’s something that you may not think about often, but should really make sure you keep up with.

Learn More About Cabin Air Filters

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