Texas State Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle Inspection Services

Kwik Kar auto service provides professional inspection and maintenance for vehicles of all makes and models of any age.

  • Comprehensive, professional service covering all aspects of the car
  • High quality maintenance and repair by experienced, skilled and company-trained professionals
  • Reliable service

Don’t let the stress of Texas State Vehicle Inspections overwhelm you. Bring your car down to our inspection center. We will make sure your car, truck or SUV is in the proper state to pass inspection and get you safely back on the road. From computer diagnostics to transmission repairs, our skilled and trusted auto experts do it all.

Kwik Kar on Jupiter Rd at Campbell Rd is an Official Vehicle State Inspection Station, equipped to complete the comprehensive safety inspection required annually for all Texas registered vehicles.

All-round package for your car

We perform vehicle inspection based on the manufacturer’s specifications. Our expert personnel closely inspect every component and checks a whole range of safety systems – from the engine to the electronics and the brakes. And if you want, we will also change your oil and replace the filter, top up any fluids as required and replace defective or worn parts with top quality genuine spares.

While many people wait until something on their car breaks before seeking out qualified auto service, regular maintenance, inspections, and repairs can prevent costly restoration work and keep you from losing time. Tire rotations, transmission service, fluid and filter changes, and tune-ups are all important to the overall health and safety of your vehicle. Getting these done in a timely manner leads to less down time in the long run and ensures you can rely on your car to get you where you need to be.

If you do encounter a mechanical failure, don’t wait; contact Kwik Kar of Richardson right away to fix the issue before it turns into an even bigger problem. When vehicle mechanics are left in disrepair, other areas of the vehicle become compromised, and in time, they may also fail. You may save a few dollars in the short run, but a single failure can lead to larger and more costly repairs, and even a dead engine that’s just too expensive to fix (and is having you search for another car well before you intended to replace yours). To stay in better control over your major purchases and your finances, be sure to get car maintenance done on a regular basis to avoid unexpected, unpleasant surprises.