Latest Customer Reviews

Latest Customer Reviews

  1. 5 5

    I love Kwik Kar but this one has been the best! Super fast! Fastest in and out for an oil change ever. Friendly staff! Unique waiting room with something for everyone. Great coffee and candy! 😃

  2. 5 5

    These guys are great! Been going here for the past 3 years and have always had a good experience. Dennis was super helpful when I came in to get my brakes checked & changed. They do their best to get your car in and out as quickly as possible!

  3. 5 5

    I just had to comment on how impressive the staff was at this Kwik Kar. They were nothing short of professional, in every respect of the word. Dennis, the manager, as well as the rest of the staff were great to work with, more than fair with their pricing and in my case, seemed to be vastly experienced and knowledgeable. I experienced from the side their continued interactions with other customers, and many of them were repeats.

    As I love living in the Haslet area, I truly wish THIS staff was in my area. I would certainly be seeing them for any automotive needs I may have if they were.

    Good luck guys, wish you all the best and thanks again for a great experience!

    Daniel C

  4. 5 5

    This place has really improved! Clean waiting area, the shop area is spiffy and organized, fast service, and they have my Mobil-1 brand and weight of oil. Thanks guys.

  5. 5 5

    These guys are completely awesome. Was able to receive speedy service, at a great price, while also receiving excellent customer service!

    Will definitely return here for all my car repair needs in the future!

  6. 5 5

    The staff is very professional.
    Mike is my man, he always takes care of it and handle everything professionally with the best prices and parts in the city.
    I will never go to a different shop.

  7. 5 5

    Wow! What another awesome experience at this place. Everyone is so kind and nice. I was immediately greeted by Mike when I pulled up who was very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. This guy went above and beyond by doing his due diligence in finding out what work has been done on my Jeep. Without me even asking he went and pulled the carfax report and educated me that way..What a great asset to the Kwik Kar team! Great job! The manager Dennis is always happy and upbeat which means a lot to a customer when we paying money for services. Thank you Matt and the other guys on the crew. This is what exceptional customer service should represent. Thank you all for your help..Keep up the Great Work!!


  8. 5 5

    My previous experience with this place under prior owners wasn't great. However, under the new ownership, I've been back for an inspection and today went in for them to reattach an under car part. Both times they were quick and friendly.

    New owners seem to be really on the ball in terms of service and speed. I will definitely use them for my vehicles.

  9. 5 5

    This a great place for oil change inspections and repairs. They do a great job. I have an older car that they honestly tell me what needs to be fixed and what is not worth the money. Mike was polite and prompt

  10. 5 5

    Matt is such a great mechanic. I highly recommend anyone to stop by because not only do they provide great service for your car but their customer service is amazing.

    Highly recommend it!!!

  11. 5 5

    Decide to try since there had been a change in management. They took care of everything that I needed to get my car ready for a 14 day driving vacation through the Southwest. The cost was very reasonable. The manager found some coupons and extra discounts he could help me with. I also had them check out my daughters car. Did a great job and the cars were ready ahead of schedule

  12. 5 5

    Came in for an inspection during lunch expecting a long wait time, but Mike had me in and out in 15 minutes. Great staff and service. Will definitely be back for future services.

  13. 5 5

    Pulled up at a auto shop thinking Google was leading me to an audio shop.. Limited time to work with .. So my guys at the shop was like no ma'am it's an auto but we might be able to save the day.. Unfortunately it maybe something more than a fuse issues but the thought of helping me even tho I was in the wrong location I can appreciate..

  14. 5 5

    Great service! I really like the new management. They are very proactive on car maintenance.

  15. 5 5

    Great service. The employees were honest about the wait time (which was actually faster than I was originally told). Will definitely come back to the Kwik Kar at Jupiter & Campbell. .

  16. 5 5

    Came last minute to Kwik Kar for a battery install. When I tell you the level of service was spectacular and beyond. Rick handled everything well and service my car with pleasure. If you all looking for a quick and good service! Check this place out LOOK NO FURTHER!!

  17. 5 5

    I have over 200000 miles on my car and Dennis keeps my car running without gouging me. The place is friendly fast and fair. My whole family uses them because their the best.

  18. 5 5

    I had a flat tire and they fixed it immediately on a Sunday! I am new to the neighborhood and love this kind of service! Matt was great! Thank you guys!

  19. 5 5

    Walked in to this Kwik Kar in Richardson throughout a couple years. Ever time i walk in they are friendly and get the job done very fast.
    I have even ask for some odd jobs that the did not hesitate to help with on my car.
    Thank you to the guys at Kwik Kar in Richardson of Campbell and Jupiter for always doing a great job!

  20. 5 5

    Great service. Definitely worth the 5 stars. The management, Dennis, is great and very personable and not to mention they give cheaper prices then most auto parts. The restrooms are clean like hotels, I personally never seen one so clean in a mechanic shop, and the waiting room is very nice and decorated right with a flat screen TV to watch. The mechanics start working on your car almost immediately. Definitely will be back as well as referring as much people as I can.

  21. 5 5

    Denis was absolutely incredible. I had a bad starter and he was able to help me get my car going and replace the part very quickly. Recommend. Very friendly and professional staff. Would give 10 stars or a crisp high 5

  22. 5 5

    Amazing service

  23. 4 5

    I went in for my inspection. The machine was giving them trouble and it took way longer than it should have. However, he didn’t charge me for it! So that was definitely appreciated!

  24. 5 5

    The team members at Kwik Kar are very friendly and helpful. The waiting area and bathroom are much cleaner than most auto shops. They keep you updated during the process and make sure you’re not waiting too long. It is obvious they care about customer service.

  25. 5 5

    Great and quick service. I called in advance to ensure they could give my vehicle a smoke check. Parked my vehicle, gave him my keys, and he started after I filled out some short official procedure. It was reasonable too.

  26. 5 5

    I called to make out if they could change my alternator and they were proficient to do it the same day. Technician was very honest mechanic and truly knows what he is doing. Not simply he was quick at changing the alternator and charging my two batteries, he also had the affordable price for the part and work. I highly recommend!!

  27. 5 5

    From the beginning to the end this place was very helpful. Took the time to contact me a lot of times to keep me updated on my vehicle. Required an alternator and battery. Services charge was reasonable not anything to shocking but in the end the automobile is running great and the customer’s service was also exceptional.

  28. 5 5

    This is the most excellent service that I have got till date. Sent a message to inquire for an estimate and if they could offer the service and received an answer back fast and he showed up before the quoted time given. He just lifted the cover of the truck and knew immediately what preferred to be done.

  29. 5 5

    These technicians were great! I've gone to them two times- once for an oil change and one time for new breaks. They are very kind and don't attempt to push any more services on you than what you came in want to get finished. They were super quick with getting your car repaired as well.

  30. 5 5

    First time coming here and I was very impressed! The waiting room was the first thing I noticed, very new and clean. Super comfortable. Dennis and the team were very nice. I went in for an oil change and they did it very quickly. Dennis explained that my brake pads could use a change soon as I was coming up on 60,000 miles. He was very up front with the status/maintenance of my car, and didn't try to over sell anything. Explained everything in very clear language and what would need to be done and when. I got my brake pads changed that day too! Will be coming back for sure!

  31. 5 5

    Called for an original battery and he was over within 20 minutes with an original battery and installed it within 15 minutes. Very careful, affable and specialized! Would unquestionably suggest this company and will ensure to call them if I ever require any other repairs service.

  32. 5 5

    Amazing service! Stopped in today for an oil change and pollution test and there was nil wait time. The whole thing finished in over an hour, and the people there were very supportive! Very reasonable price as well, and would strongly recommend!

  33. 5 5

    Under new management. Hired all experienced technicians. Making every effort to be customer service oriented. Had a good experience.

  34. 5 5

    Joe and his crew at this Kwik Kar location have won by repeat business for all my auto needs. The team is trust worthy, honest and hardworking. They have continually surpassed my previous expectations for customer service and have always taken care of me. I recommend to anyone reading this review to get their car serviced at this location. Joe and his team are outstanding!

  35. 5 5

    Dennis really helped me out today!!! Grateful for their service!!!

  36. 5 5

    Dennis was great and service was good.

  37. 5 5

    Very friendly & fast service. Dennis told me about issues with my car... which I appreciate. Love the waiting room decor!

  38. 5 5

    I’ve been stressing about my brakes/rotors for days after i noticed a grinding feel so I called Kwik Kar for a price. They recommended i bring it by for a once over and within minutes, the gentleman here informed me it’s Just the pads and I need a flush, no rotor damage.

    Prices were AWESOME and customer service was on point. They had me out the door in less than 45 minutes. Waiting room is super clean and relaxing. I was informed every step of the way of the process. I was even shown the brake pads to get an idea of how they were.

    The staff here knows what they’re doing and treat you with respect. Don’t waste time going elsewhere, come get honest work done by honest people. I’ll be a lifetime customer now. Thank y’all so much for putting my mind at ease.

  39. 5 5

    Friendly and professional. Thanks Dennis for getting everything done so quickly and efficiently.

  40. 5 5

    I came for an inspection. When I got here I was greet by a nice young lady. The waiting room is very clean. Dennis came in and explained everything to me every well to me. Everyone was so nice. I will be coming back.

  41. 5 5

    I visited this location today for front break pads and rotors . Also a Torque strut mount replacement. The price was fair and the service great. Denise and Amy are very informative and helpful. Thank you.

  42. 5 5

    First Timer Coming Here To Kwik Kar And I Gotta Say The Service Here Is Awesome, They Cared For My Truck Came In For A Oil Changed And They Alerted Me About The Issues I Have With My Truck.! Definitely Coming Here More Often.! Thank You So Much For The Help Dennis Your The Man.!!!!!

  43. 5 5

    5 star service.. very caring for your car maintenance. Dennis was very helpful, didnt feel like they were trying to upcharge me. Plus love the new waiting area look.

  44. 5 5

    Flawless service -- good prices too!

    Brought my car in for an inspection on short notice -- they got right to it, and had it done in 20 minutes while I...

  45. 5 5

    Always nice, capable folks working there. It's a place I trust for my car needs .

  46. 5 5

    This is the best garage in the area hands down. Price is fair, and the service and staff is above average. If you want a straight forward, and well priced service, this is ought to be your stop.

  47. 5 5

    Wonderful service for both of our cars. Kind and knowledgeable staff that take the time to make sure everything is done right. Always pleasantly surprised at the fair pricing for parts and work. Will keep coming back!

  48. 5 5

    New ownership as of May. They were very friendly and took care of what I needed. The prices are very good. Inspection was only $7 for my truck.

  49. 3 5

    They recently changed ownership (as of May 2017). I didn't realize that till I came in for an inspection. New staff is courteous. However I feel they may not yet have found their Grove or something cause it took them 30 minutes to do an oil change. Seems likes they do good work otherwise. Just slow to get it done. Price for work was a little than expected too.

  50. 5 5

    I've had inspections and oil changes done on cars and motorcycles here for almost a decade. The staff are incredibly friendly, and happy to explain things to folks who aren't huge car nuts like me. Beware trying to squeeze in a lunch time visit - waits can get long - but most other times of day they're quick as can be.

  51. 5 5

    I've been servicing my vehicles here for a number of years since it's close to my office and convenient. My focus has been minor repairs and general...

  52. 5 5

    Excellent service, detailed break down of what's being done and very customer friendly environment.
    Would recommend this place to everyone for all your...

  53. 5 5

    Dokes is the Best.

  54. 5 5

    Thanks Dokes for helping me on your day off.

  55. 5 5

    David Dokes is new Mechanic good Prices.

  56. 5 5

    Thanks D

  57. 5 5

    Dokes is tha Best.

  58. 5 5

    Thanks David Dokes Good Service .

  59. 5 5


  60. 5 5

    Great place!! Really nice guys!!

  61. 5 5

    Great service and great guys.

  62. 5 5

    Thank you Dokes

  63. 5 5

    Thanks for the Brake job David Dokes !

  64. 5 5

    David Dokes and Quis are the best hope they never leave !!!

  65. 5 5

    Thanks guys

  66. 5 5

    Thanks great people helping out our church !!!

  67. 5 5

    KWIK KAR = great deals and I like the fact they utilize Penzoil products. Not many auto service places can say that.....